Monday, November 9, 2009

How dare they leave me out!!!!!!

I have just noticed that the Dunedin School has published their assessment of the Three Worst NZ Theologians of all time ... and I am not there. How dare they.

But you want to find out who they are? Don't you. Read here.


  1. Sorry, Peter, you weren't in the running on any count I can think of. Humongous bank balance? Hunger for power/fame/fawning adherents? Give up already, common-garden theology is much more interesting; besides which some people actually like you, you get to sleep at night, and its so nice to have God in your life.

  2. Here's a thought - noting with gratitude the heartfelt endorsements of the above comments. Has any reader heard all three of the worst theologians speak in the flesh?

    I heard Ray Comfort first in the Salvation Army Bishopdale Corps, Christchurch in the early 70s, and, off and on, many times in Cathedral Square. My only encounter with Brian Tamaki preaching, apart from TV, was a service in Rotorua when he was pastor of the Apostolic Church there (1996). But I have never heard Michael Baigent speak.