Sunday, December 6, 2009

One of the best and clearest explanations of justification in respect of Old/New Perspective of Paul

... can be found at Clayboy where Doug Chaplin has written on Justification: catholic Scripture's challenge to Protestant tradition?


  1. I agree with you - Doug's summary of the issues is very clear, and his own stated position one I agree with entirely ... funny that!

  2. In Truth & Reality who, what, where, and when was "Paul" or any body else too? And even right now.

    You cant even account for your own appearance here. Because to do so you would have to take into account how the entire multi-dimensional cosmos, with all of its space-time paradoxes, somehow co-alesced into creating the meat-body that you now identify with.

    What IS your meat-body in Truth & Reality?

    And yet you presume to "know" so much about the long ago fictional character named "paul" and his "justifucations".