Monday, April 26, 2010

More nuts

Don't you just hate it when people invoke the Bible in support of something and on close inspection the invocation is complete maudlin, sentimental mush? Ok. Perhaps you do not. But I do. With H/T to Christopher Johnson of MidWestConservative, here is Bishop Marc Andrus responding in an interview for the Examiner:

"If there is a key Bible vision that supports Gay Marriage & Same Sex Blessing, please give a Biblical example and explain something of your vision on interpretation? Who else shares this sensibility and understanding we might know or recognize?

The story of the anointing of David by Samuel in which it editorially says that God does not judge as human’s judge, human’s judge by outward appearances, but God sees the human heart. When The Episcopal Church is looking at a human couple who seeks the blessing of the church on their relationship, we humbly attempt to see as God sees, which reveals certain characteristics – love, fidelity, forgiveness, mutuality, humility — all of which The Episcopal Church considers more important than external considerations."

I am not closed to a good, sound, plausible argument in favour of same sex relationships being blessed by ministers of the church. This is not that argument. This is sentimental mush which could not distinguish between me marrying my sister, forming a civil union with my cat, or entering a lifelong partnership with my favourite rose bush.

Progressives, please do better than this!

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